League of Legends Most Hated Champions

League of Legends players have their favorite Champions that they main all the time, but they also have a list of their hated Champions. Gamers despise them for a variety of reasons including not understanding their gameplay or not liking how they move in matches. Some of these detestable Champions can be found on nearly everyone’s short list of hated personas. See if you agree with the others.




Zoe may look like a fun and lovable Champion, but players quickly learn she is the exact opposite of that. This Champion is decked out in colorful gear and sparkles to give you the sense that she is just a lightweight persona. However, it’s the sparkles and glitter that you should be fearful of—that’s her body of armor. Zoe brings drastic destruction from long range. The one surefire way to stop her in her tracks is picking a Champion who has a devastating blow from afar.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin likes to kick his way to victory—literally. If this Champion has the chance to, he is going to kick you to death before you even have the ability to counter. Lee Sin can also throw you into the melee to have other enemies kill you. He stands there and watches it all go down. He may be blind, but he makes up for it in everything else.




You don’t want to fight against Tryndamere. This huge goliath of a champion was created to inflict incredible damage to his opponents. He carries a huge sword that he swipes with and gets instant kills as a result. You may think you want him on your team, but that may be a bad idea as well. He is a horrible feeder and can set your team back instantly.




Teemo is a cartoonish looking Champion that can annoy the heck out of you. He has too many features to mention that can stand in your way of a win. He’s quick, has mushrooms, and invisibility. How can a little furball inflict so much damage? Let’s take a look at those mushrooms. Teemo has what appears to be an infinite amount of them, and they are all intended to hurt you. This fast-moving character is a terror.




Vayne is a Champion who looks simple enough to take out, but she is hiding skills and abilities that she only shows when you are at your most vulnerable. As an enemy, Vayne can cast stuns permanently on you and your team. This feature is far reaching and nearly impossible to hide from. She likes to initiate fights and uses her marksman skills to take the final shot. She is lethal.


It’s easy to come up with a list of Champions you love to hate in LoL. It doesn’t matter if you play with them or against them, there are just some characters who you take one look at and run the other way before too much damage is inflicted. If you main one of these troublesome Champions, you are a braver person than a lot of League of Legends players!