League of Legends Eternals Explained

League of Legends ‘Eternals’ are one of the latest additions to the game; they allow you to showcase your latest stats or milestones to other players in the community, which can become a flexing competition between players.


While this addition got mixed opinions at first, some players liked the idea of having the option to track and show your stats. Here’s everything you need to know about League of Legends Eternals.


What Are ‘Eternals’?


Eternals came on League of Legends’ Patch 10.5. They work as Summoner unlocks that can track certain milestones and then show those stats to every player that’s on the match. This works to showcase your most recent milestones to all players while you’re playing.


There are two kinds of Eternals right now: Common Eternals and Unique Eternals. Each one works a bit differently than the other, so you have to choose the one that fits your needs the best.


Common Eternals track general stats such as assists, kills, or epic monster kills. On the other hand, Unique Eternals track champion-specific stats, such as ‘Vayne’s Action Roll,’ which tracks the number of Skillshots that you dodge with the ‘Tumble’ ability.


When you buy an Eternal Series, you can get certain perks after you achieve a milestone. For example, if you hit five milestones on an Eternal, the game can automatically record your ‘Personal Best’ stat, and after you beat it, every player in-game is going to get a notification about your record.


If you get all 15 milestones on an Eternal, your Mastery Emote can be upgraded. Keep in mind that you can upgrade your Mastery Emote every time that you complete an Eternal Set.


Where Are Eternals Displayed?


When you’re in-game, your Eternal is visible to your opponent when you get an assist on their death or if you kill them directly. Outside of the game, your Eternals are displayed on the loading screen at the back of your champion card.


Keep in mind that if you don’t want to see other player’s milestones while in-game, you can mute them.


How Much Do Eternals Cost?


The cost depends on the specific set that you want to get and how many Unique or Common Eternals it contains. The standard price for Common Eternals is of 75 RP (Riot Points) for each Eternal, whereas for Unique Eternals, the price is of 200 RP each.


Keep in mind that you can also get Eternals for Blue Essence. For example, the Starter Series, which costs 225 RP per champion, can also be obtained for 2500 Blue Essence.


Are Eternals Worth It?


As said before, there are mixed opinions on Eternals. Some people look at them as a way to showcase or flex their accomplishments to every other player in-game. However, other players label Eternals as ‘an overpriced and annoying thing for players.’ 


The best way to know if they are worth it is to try them yourself. Eternals have proven to be an effective system to track certain milestones and celebrate them when you hit them. 


The best thing about Eternals is that you’re not forced to buy them since they are a cosmetic flair. If you don’t like them, you can choose not to buy them.

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