League of Legends - Essential Information

League of Legends, a famous e-sport played by millions of active users worldwide is shortly known as LOL. This is a free to play online video game allowing gamers to create their exclusive account. However, it requires some time to level up to the max. The maximum level in LOL is Level 30, and many players strive hard to reach such level as this is primarily needed to enter a ranked play.

Moreover, it’s unlikely that LOL players have enough BE to purchase 20 champions highly needed for ranking. The level 30 accounts aren’t the only things needed for solo queues but ranked teams as well. But, you must level up as quickly as possible if you wanted to play competitively with a team of friends at higher levels.

How Long Does it Take to Reach Level 30?  

There’s no definite answer for this than for “long time”.  This can take several weeks or even months of LOL game playing to ensure maximum levels, but this still depends on the following factors:

  • The games that you successfully win every day
  • Types of games played whether bot games or normal
  • The number of games played each day
  • If you’re using EXP boosts
  • If you’re making use of win boosts

It’s estimated to take about 21, 389 summoner experiences to achieve level 30. The Bot games only provide you with about 90 Experience for every game, and one game takes 25 minutes that translates to over 150 hours of continuous gameplay. As you see, this is plenty of time to progress and level your account up when in the first place; you need to concentrate on your ranked LOL games instead. Purchasing League of Legends smurf account is the fastest and best way of leveling up.

What’s Smurf Account?

These accounts have been around since the inception of online games. The very first smurf account was created in the 1990s. Since then, smurf accounts have become increasingly popular. These days, there are available smurf accounts that suit the needs of every online game including the League of Legends.

A League of Legend smurf account is another account allowing individuals to play under a separate name. Since there is no reputation that one needs to live up to, gamers can choose to get a little wild and play distinctively than their regular play styles. This enables them to enjoy the game even more.