Is LoL dying?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few Years, you probably understand the gigantic success the MOBA game League of Legends (LoL) has gathered... However, there's still one question everyone is asking, "how big is League of Legends?" and "is League of Legends Dying?"

Well, because Riot doesn't make any official statements regarding the exact number of players, it can be hard to find out exactly how many people are playing, but by assessing relevant data we can find a realistic number for the current League of Legends playerbase.

Analyzing LoL Data

The main League of Legends website is undergoing a huge popularity increase recently with a commendable placement in the top 500 Alexa worldwide (ranking 377) and ranking 199 in USA.

Analyzing the ranked player figures on OP.GG also shows an increase when compared to the previous Year. This means, more and more players are signing up for League of Legends or back to playing ranked again.

Taking a quick glance at video-game live-streaming platforms also shows League of Legends consistently within the top 3, with many big streamers continuing to play the game daily.

My Thoughts

Personally, I think the game is maturing and slowly growing.

It's just that some veteran players who have played the game for Years upon Years can no longer enjoy it in the same way they did before.

That's completely normal though, people grow older and find other games, or simply stop gaming altogether.

For example, when LoL KD/A came out I could see loads of new players join the game and even veteran players return. Checking social media accounts, it seemed like it was all people were talking about also!

If League of Legends keep on pushing great updates and content such as that, whilst keeping on steady with the competitive scene, I don't see League of Legends going downhill any time soon.

So, Is League of Legends Dying?

League of Legends certainly does not catch a lot of public interest or make frequent headlines in the same way some other games do, but from my experience, the games that do make those big headlines seem to only live for a Year at most.

From the data examined above, it would appear that League of Legends is in-fact not dying, but slowly maturing and increasing in popularity.

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