Infamous Exploits in the History of LoL

A video game exploit is the habit of taking a glitch in a game to use for your advantage. This bug wasn’t meant to be a benefit to players and has been seen as a way to cheat a game. League of Legends is no exception to this. Gamers have seen many exploits over the years, with some being shockingly too good to be true. Exploits are a controversial subject. Some do see it as a way to game the system. However, others believe if it is out there for the taking, gamers should grab it. Whatever your views are on this, LoL has had its fair share of them. The following are just some of the more incredible ones that have been witnessed to date.


LoL Ranked Exploit


There have been exploits going around that completely override the real League of Legends. In particular, ranked exploits do this in such a bold matter that it is surely to get you banned if detected. This exploit lets you make a game that turns it into ranked. This means that you can now have a full party in that mode. Some gamers who know code have come up with multiple links to how to do it on your own system. You can pay for some of these, but most are given out for free.


Once you create your game, play on five versus five mode, and play to win. If you do, you get League Points at the end of game. Be careful, because if you lose, you miss out on those points as well. Although, there have been players who have dared to do this, the majority if not all of them have gotten bans from the game. If you are tempted to try, ask yourself if it is worth taking the risk.


Hidden Skill Exploit


Another infamous exploit was first thought to be a bug in the game. There is an error in skill activation that players have picked up on and use to their advantage. Champions in the game have powers which switch their auto attack for something better. Typically, LoL hides this better skill until the players toggles using Q.


Players have been using an outside program to determine what other Champions can do the same. These characters don’t normally do the switch, but the hacked program overrides the original rules. LoL developers caught wind of what some of the gamers were doing and were not impressed. The skills were not being used the way they were supposed to and gave those cheaters an unfair advantage in the game.


As a result, game creators have ruled these types of exploits as a violation to their terms of service. This is something that can get you banned for good. Patches and fixes have had to be given out to close these huge issues once and for all. They have made it clear that hackers, cheats, and exploits are not going to be a part of League of Legends at any time. It’s better not to play the game than to use it unfairly. Cheaters take note.