Ideas that May Please Majority of League of Legend Players

League of Legends is a highly sought after battle game online. Millions of gamers all over the world are playing this game. Enjoyment, thrill and fun are guaranteed if you spend time playing this. For the longest time that gamers are playing LOL, they might find this a typical routine.

The following are some ideas that may please many players:

  • Triple the Wombo Combos


  • is a concept wherein there will be three teams of 5 and three nexus and maximum lvl 20 or 25. This can be a personal favorite and can work in two ways either as pure team elimination or with similar concepts. However, adding giant nexus in the middle fully protected by turrets or by pve elements. The last team is firmly standing, or the very first team that destroyed the main nexus is the winner. The decision of Riot in adding two ways of winning the game match will add more exciting variety and allow players to be more creative with their team comps and strategies.


  • Bigger Map, Bigger Runs & More Ammo


  • is another concept wherein there would be two teams of 8 or probably 10 stronger and more turrets and more jungle elements. This concept includes maximum lvl 20 to 25. As compared to the first concept, this second concept is more straightforward however since the map is bigger, more creative experiences can be applied through adding more special areas and buffs where you can find jungle monsters that attacked sights.

League of Legends is a popular game with lots of potentials that will amaze both new and old players. This game will also bring pro gamers or veteran players back in the ring for more new experiences.

League of Legends can guarantee positive gaming experiences. These experiences can get even better if you learn how to adapt and integrate unique concepts and strategies in the game so if you are looking for a game where you can freely use your style and concept, League of Legend is an ideal choice.

With its amazing features and unique attributes, League of Legends has become one of the top favorites among players. When going online, this game has also been highly preferred by gamers of different age and skill levels. Over time, it won’t be surprising if League of Legends will become more and more widespread and popular.