How to Win in League of Legends

The sole objective of League of Legends is a simple one. Destroy the enemy nexus.


The nexus is the big crystal that sits deep in the heart of the enemy’s base. 


Now while the goal might sound simple, in reality, it’s anything but. First, of course, you have to get to it. This involves battling your way across the map, pushing your opponents back into their base, and then pushing through their base with enough force that you have time to destroy the nexus.


So, destroying the enemy nexus is a multi-step process. 


Step One - The Turrets


The first goal in your game plan is to get past the enemies’ turrets. 


There are 11 turrets per team on Summoner’s Rift. 


This means you are going to have your hands full trying to get through them, as they have large health pools and deal a lot of damage. 


Depending on how the fight goes, you need to decide which turrets in which lanes to target. If your mid-laner is doing well and has pushed the enemy team back further than the rest of your team, then consider lending more resources to him to destroy turrets quickly. 


This puts more pressure on the enemy team and can make them lose composure. 


Be careful, though. If you are lending resource to destroy a turret, chances are the enemy is going to push hard on the weakened area of your setup.


Step Two - Teamwork and Slaying


Nothing is achievable on the map without solid teamwork and slaying power. You and your comrades need to work as an individual unit in order to be most effective. This means communicating with one another.


You can help your teammates who are in trouble and request help if the enemy is pushing you particularly hard. 


You also need to coordinate your champions. Make sure you have the right balance, with some people choosing support characters. Without the right balance of champions, your team can’t function, and you can’t compete with the enemies. 


Step Three, The Nexus


So, if your hard-fought battle has gone according to plan then you have fought your way into the enemy base. Now the daunting task of destroying the enemy nexus sits before you. 


Up to this point, it is vital that you and your teammates have built their champions well and coordinate precisely. 


The catch is that the enemy spawns right behind the nexus. So, this final fight ends up as a chaotic rush and massacre. 


You need to be able to deal with the enemies as they spawn, and deal damage to the nexus at the same time. You should consider assigning roles to your team to try and control this stage a little.


If executed correctly, then you should not have too much trouble keeping the enemy locked in their spawn point while you wail away at the nexus. Hit it for long enough and congratulations, you’ve won.


Long story short, teamwork is vital. Your objective may be to destroy the nexus, but that cannot be done without proper strategy and coordination.