How to Make First LOL Game Painless-Suggested Tips for Novices

League of Legends is an online battle game that continues to captivate the attention and interest of gamers coming from different age levels. If you also wanted to try this game, you better follow these tips designed for a novice like you who aims to make first LOL game painless:

  • Play What You Love


Selecting your very first champion is somewhat a highly intimidating process. There are more than 130 options available to choose from, it is easy to get lost in the menu, waste time looking and browsing when you can be playing. When playing LOL and ensuring that your first ever game experience is painless, forget all those pressures and do what you enjoy the most. Opt for a that’s good enough and looks cool for your first LOL game.


As stated and suggested by gaming experts, you need to play what you love. There is no perfect pick, find the champion you , be involved and have fun with LOL game. The skills will just come later.


  • Choose a Role


Choose a role that is suited your play style. So you better ask yourself, are you one of those aggressive attackers? Do you prefer standing back and supporting your team? Choosing the most suitable role can make your gaming experience a smooth and exciting one.


  • Try New Strategies with Friends


League of Legends is a fun and great game, with some of your friends alone, you can learn and try new strategies. As mentioned, there are many roles to so choose the one that suits your unique play style. is a helpful way to learn the LOL game. There are five roles in the League of Legends.


  • Dealing with Minions


Minions might seem ineffective little bots sent your ways and this is what they are exactly. Nevertheless, you need to learn on how to kill them to gain the upper hand on your opponent and get more gold as possible. You can do this if you successfully land the blow on minions and be the one to kill it what is known as the last hit.


It pays to learn how to execute the last hit. Minions will provide you with gold if you get last shot into them. Obtain more gold, and you will get more items and of course, more power.