How to Hyper Roll in TFT

Hyper rolling is a particular TFT strategy that has been around for a while now. Despite that, it remains cloaked in mystery for most Teamfight Tactics players. The what, when, why, and how of hyper rolling can be a big point of confusion for even experienced TFT players, so we’re going to run you through it. 


How to Hyper Roll in TFT – What


What is hyper rolling? Well, it’s the process of re-rolling a lot of your gold early, attempting to get as many low-cost units to three stars as soon as possible. It is a particular strategy that doesn’t just involve team composition, but fundamentally changes the way you play the game. 


This makes it very rewarding for TFT veterans that have hundreds of hours put in and need something to mix the gameplay up. 


TFT Hyper Roll - Why


The idea behind the hyper rolling strategy is quite straight forward. You’re trying to leverage this early game advantage, and snowball it into a quick win before the match hits the late game. It’s a gambit of sorts, where you trade strength in the late game for an early game advantage. 


You’re more often than not going to have a stronger early-mid game comp than your opponent, which is going to convert more wins against opponents that don’t know what they’re doing. 


TFT Hyper Roll – When


The setup for the strategy is going to take place in the very early game. In order for hyper rolling to work, you need speed. It is a hyper-aggressive strategy that does not do well for slow-paced players. 


Therefore, you should have all of your re-rolling done by the early mid-game, at which point you should be getting ready to close out the game before it gets to the late game. 


If you fail to close out the match in these stages, then you’ve got an uphill battle for the rest of the game. 


With hyper rolling, you don’t get to transition out of it into another strategy if it isn’t working. It’s very much a do or die decision, so if you run into early or mid counters, then you’re chances of getting a win decrease drastically. 


TFT Hyper Rolling – How


When in the early game, you’re using up your gold to refresh the purchasable champions. This allows you to get cheap companions early, which in turn allows you to get three-star companions early, which snowballs the game in your favor. 


Despite the apparent simplicity of it, the strategy is actually incredibly convoluted. There are different compositions that you need to focus on, a method of leveling and pacing that you need to manage and balance, and the personal ability to play a strategy that is so aggro. 


The Wrap Up


Fundamentally, that’s what hyper rolling in TFT is. It’s a fun to play strategy that can mix up the gameplay. Therefore, if you find yourself getting bored of typical TFT, then you might want to give this strategy a run for its money.