How Much Do League of Legends Pros Earn?

League of Legends has a huge following that only seems to be growing. Millions of gamers play the game on a regular basis, one percent of those fans play it competitively and turn professional. These elite players are the best in the world and often earn incredible money just by showing off their skills. If you are good enough, you can make incredible money off of League of Legends. Who said playing video games doesn’t pay?


Turning Pro


When you turn pro, you typically join a league that pertains to the game you are playing. League of Legends professional league has been around for years and boasts some of the greatest players the game has ever seen. These players eat, sleep, and play the game. They guarantee base salaries for all of their pro players, not just those who win in competition. They were the first of their kind to promise this, and fans flocked to the game to try to make it to the top of the ranks.


Gamers Can Earn a Lot


Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends state that they have around 1,000 professional gamers. The average salary for league play is over $300,000. Many sign multi-year contracts with Riot Games. These League of Legends players have played and studied the game for years. They know the game like the back of their hand, and they are prepared to play. The gamers have customizable gear and hardware to keep them up to date with the everchanging gameplay. It’s not unheard of to spend thousands just to keep their accessories up to date. This job is taken seriously.


These players either try out for competitive teams or are recruited to play if they are just that good. Then, the teams enter various tournaments around the country and even internationally. The best teams are offered sponsorships and some of the players are asked to sign contracts to turn pro. It is quite the process, but it is the best way to vet the players. When you watch them in action, you immediately know why they are considered the best in what they do.


A Good Living


The professional players often make more than their baseline salary once they start playing professionally. When they enter tournaments there is usually a large purse to be had for winning first, second, or third place. Some League of Legends players can make between $500,000-$800,000 annually when they do this. It’s no wonder that some video game creators want to keep these salary amounts a secret.


If you are considering trying to make it in the League of Legends professional world, truthfully, the odds are stacked against you. Only a handful of players get signed to Riot Games every year, and you have to keep up your game play to stay on the team once your contract is up. If this sounds like something you can do in your sleep, then what are you waiting for? League of Legends awaits you.