Elite League of Legends Teleport Techniques to Kill your Enemy

On a daily basis, many players from all parts of the world log onto LoL to play. Sad to say, many of them get crushed by the expert few that know all the techniques of the game. The more renowned techniques often involve one of the lesser utilized summoners spells in public games, the very useful but usually taken for granted teleport spell, and while these tactics can take a few weeks to master, it just takes a couple of moments to read and learn them.

 Fiddlesticks' Surprise

If there’s one sound which strikes fright into the heart of each skilled LoL player, its sickening Caw! Caw! Of Fiddlestick’s hideous ultimate that is nothing less than an area of effect spell of doom for each one caught in its wake.  The issue with this spell is its 2 second channel time which needs the player to be wise when he or she is ready to attack. Surprisingly, a small number of players understand the power of this ultimate when combined with the usefulness of the teleport summoner spell.

The best approach to get the drop on your enemies with this technique is to lay a ward down in the furthermost bushes on the bottom or top lane of the map. If done properly, you can teleport at the back of your enemy and secretly waiting for the perfect timing to launch from the strike and bushes.

Nunu’s Trap

Nunu is renowned in LoL to have one of the best ultimates in the game, able to swallowing the whole team in its wide radius and exploding them into a lot of bits. Sad to say, this is maybe the hardest ultimate to land in the LoL game because it had a long stationary way which is easily interrupted and stepped out of easily,  which is of course unless you possess that teleport summoner spell.

This is an efficient technique at grouping hot-spots, like Baron, Dragon, or a short distance in front of your central tower. Putting a ward a little bit in front of your mid-tower is specifically rewarding, as if you teleport in and cast ultimately while your enemies are attacking your tower, they will be pinched in and be pressured to transfer into the tower where all your teams await, or back toward you for a freezing blow of ultimate death.

These are just some of the teleport tricks to destroy your enemy. Make sure to follow these steps accurately for a successful LoL game.