Easiest Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends contains well over 130 champions. It is not possible to master all of them, especially with Riot making changes each patch. While most dedicated players aim to master two champions, casual players may do better to focus their efforts on some of the easier champions to learn. This is especially true if you are one of the thousands of players who only play for an hour or less a week.

Here are some of the most straightforward characters to learn. By using these champions, you can contribute to your team effort without having to spend hours dedicated to learning combos and rotations.


Garen is a powerful champion. While not specifically a tank, he is a very ‘tanky’ champion. With Garen, you can deal out decent damage as well as absorb it. His passive is also a boon to players.

Garen’s passive is called Perseverance. It is a self-healing passive that significantly increases his rate of recovery. While this is intended to allow him to stay in lanes longer and keep fighting, it also helps new players stay alive longer. Combine this with his high damage output and armor, and it is no wonder Garen is one of the easiest champions to learn.

Garen also has another added benefit; he passively gains armor and spells resistance. This means that the longer the game runs, the stronger he becomes.


Shyvana is known as the Half-Dragon. Her passive is very useful as a jungler and allows for some of the fastest jungle clears. Fury of the Dragonborn increases her damage dealt to dragons. It also gives her bonus stats for each dragon she kills.

Shyvana is a deadly ganker from the start thanks to her speed boost, but it is best to keep her in the jungle until level six. At level six her ganks are very powerful and can turn the tide of a battle, but the main advantage gained at level six is her crowd control. She lacks any form of CC until level six.


Annie – The Dark Child, is an excellent choice for players who like to utilize crowd control, or CC, methods. While her recent meteoric rise in the leaderboards was due to a bug, Annie remains a strong contender with an easy to learn playstyle.

In a previous patch, Riot introduced a bug that caused Annie’s crowd control effects never to wear off. Because of this, she was able to defeat players who were stuck in perpetual stuns. Riot has since fixed this bug, but she is still one of the strongest CC champions in league.

Combine Annie’s CC abilities with her high burst damage, and you have a potent combination capable of taking down most non-tank enemies. She does have a weakness, however, and this is in her mobility. Annie’s low mobility makes emergency retreats difficult to successfully pull off.


This is only a small selection of the available champions in League of Legends. Do not settle for the first champion your pick. Each one has its own unique playstyle and abilities. Keep trying different champions until you find the one that works best for your playstyle.