Choosing a Champion in LoL

League of Legends or LOL is one of the popular online games these days that essentially captivated the interest and attention of a lot of gamers worldwide. There are plenty of exciting aspects of this game and numerous activities linked to it, and one of these is choosing a champion.

Regardless of what you wanted to be, an avatar of destruction, the predator in the jungle, or whether you’ve chosen a particular play style. The choices are immense, and these include choosing your champion. In the League of Legends or LOL game, you have all the right to choose a champion. If you’re an avid fan, you might be familiar with the fact that there are hundreds of LOL champions to choose from. But you have to note that each champion comes with a special mix of lore, art, and abilities.

Choosing Your Champion

LOL champions are actually linked to different roles, which are a clear representation of their attitudes towards the combat. These are as follows:

  • Fighters They are the ones dishing out and absorbing damages. Fighters engage themselves closely to the proper offense and balance. The abilities of the fighters play a part in mitigating or amplifying damages encountered during major circumstances.


  • Assassin – This instantly gets rid of the enemy champion by means of pulling off the commanding combinations of the attacks and the capabilities.


  • Mage These mainly depend on the utilization of skills combination in maximizing damages. Although mage can deal with huge damages, this is soft, and escape routes are usually lacking. Mages depend on the varying spells in maximizing damages to areas of attacks. Mages are prone when their skills cool down.


  • Marksman – The marksman attacks from the range and utilizes their skills in maintaining safe and proper positioning and providing more firepower. Marksman is defined with common characteristics like consistent damages all through the fight, adept in terms of keeping a distance from the enemies and glass cannon with high defenses but with ultimately low defenses.


  • Support – This is a kind of LOL champion that is noted for its role in manipulating battlefields. This is done through subtle ways instead of absolute damage outputs. This takes control in providing visions and dictating map control.

There are definitely the LOL champions that you can consider. There are still many other champions to choose from, so you better weigh your options and decide on the exact roles that you wanted to play. You have all the freedom to choose the champion that perfectly suits you.