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The wonderfully designed game, League of Legends, a product of The Riots Games, is a multiplayer online game designed for Microsoft and macOS users. It was released on October 27th, 2009. The game follows a freemium platform in which the players portray themselves as champions with extraordinary powers and capabilities, fighting the opposite team to win the ultimate battle of legends.


The game is aptly named and it is a perfect combination of defensive infrastructure, comical characters and fictional story-lines that progressively take the winning team to the next level to attack and destroy the highly-protected structure of the opponent team, The Nexus.


The characters or the champions extend themselves over a variety of roles and figures like the Sword and Sorcery, the Steampunk, or the Lovecraftian horror. The number of varied characters and roles makes the game an inevitable choice for users looking for some of the most adventurous yet witty games possible on PCs. The blend of stories, characters, cinematographic effects, and visuals created and developed by the creator The Riot Games makes it an unbelievable treat to watch and play.


The game is uniquely made with various levels, each level with differently accumulated items and experiences that make the characters stronger than the rest of the defenders.


League of Legends brings in a whole new world of adventure and strategy and is essentially a fighting game intended to defeat the opponent. It begins with a 60-minute championship that unwraps into a fierce fight within the teams for the ultimate victory.


The game was well established with its release and has shown tremendous popularity, primarily due to a large, active and an ever-increasing fan base across the globe. The incredible love and support from fans and players made it the most played computer game in terms of most-watched hours in the USA and Europe by July 2012, crossing the largest-ever recorded footprint on social media. It also crossed around 100 million players each month by September of 2016.


The developers of the game then went on to create and expand the brand to merchandise, toys, accessories and an additional item related to the game to create more buzz for it on its social media channels through videos, blogs, web series, etc. further gaining popularity for the game.


The game has witnessed praise and applause not only for its conceptual devotion, but for its diverse creative approaches to design, characters and particularly music pieces. It created three different music pieces groups, namely Pentakill, K/DA, and True Damage, all three belonging to distinct genres of music categories.

The game also gained respect and real-world attention for its well-made collaboration with players through making the real heroes of the game via LOL accounts that make them aware of their powers and strength.


The players start slow and weak and gradually increase their powers and capabilities. Since the players start slow, there is a chance that pros could have the advantage to conquer the Nexus. To emerge strong and upbeat against competition, players can buy LOL account. is a perfect choice for new users looking out to buy LOL account online.


Buying LOL Accounts


With a mixture of strong and competitive players who play against weak and new players, it’s disappointing and demotivating for a new player if he/she keeps losing and/or is an under-prepared player. Buying a high-ranking LOL account provides the user with the powers of a champion with full potential to attack and teach opponents a lesson. It gives the user the unmatched power and strength to come back into the game and challenge the opponent without having to wait to gain the experience over the longest time.


It also allows the player to practice the game beforehand with true powers in hand, in ranked games without taking the risk of using your actual game account and playing against real opponents. This is the reason buylolsmurf initiated this small collection to help users to avoid dealing with the main account without the benefit of being able to use their true powers. With this website, the user can decide what he wants to do with the account. He can play in the main game or can practice for a while or simply chill in the junior divisions.


Buying an LOL account also comes with an instant booster to your already existing account since it eradicates the time factor from the boosting process. Purchasing an inexpensive LOL account saves the user a lot of money since it is one of the cheapest ways to come back to the game and contend more powerfully with your enemies.


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In the course of a normal game, losing to your enemies happens because of lack of experience or the bad play of your teammates. With a purchase of a high ranking account, the user no longer has to worry about losing a highly competitive match since he or she has a ton of champions to choose from and explore its winning capacities with higher-level divisions becoming available to such accounts. All such players can operate their accounts from anywhere and everywhere.


The player can pick a specific LOL Smurf account using the website with the choice of specific location, and that will offer more products. Every LOL account purchased via the website is completely safe and secure and the website uses 100% safe options for payment procedures for its customers.


Gaming Modes


The game has two running modes: Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss. Gamers play a 20 to 60-minute play to win the ultimate battle of destroying the Nexus of the opponent team. Players play with their characters with different champion names to fight against each other. Players start weak with level zero while gaining experience and attaining the maximum level of eighteen.

Players can obtain different gaming modes such as a Summoner (Spellcaster) or an Abyss to fight against their foes. They have to choose the correct mode while deciding on the character they want to play.


Players can make a selection from a variety of 75 champion characters to battle along in 3v3 and 5v5 fights with opponent teams. Also, plenty of battle maps are being developed to enhance the speed and visual artifacts of the game. The game is designed with tremendous expanding updates on its architecture, skills, and level of competence. With an enhanced skill level, every time you play, it offers endless adventure and an unimaginable gaming experience.


Business Model


The platform is established via the use of microtransactions. This means that users can buy virtual goods and money by using micropayments via Riot Points (RP) promoted by the designer of the product itself.




All in all, a LOL Smurf account is an essential aid to progress and upskill yourself in the game. Buylolsmurf is an amazingly safe, secure and easy to use website that offers LOL Smurf accounts at an affordable rate. They are user friendly and can be accessed via your Windows or Mac devices from anywhere and at any time. The user receives numerous advantages via a high ranked account with respect to powers and capabilities for peak performance in the game.