Best Weapons in Valorant

Are you a fan of the first-person game, Valorant? If you are, you know how important having the right weapon is when it comes to gaining experience and progressing through the ranks. Depending on your budget, the options of finding the best weapon in the game are endless. To help the Valorant gamer, regardless of your skill and rank, we share the best weapons to have in Valorant, as well as what to consider when picking a weapon.


If you prefer a sneak attack, the Operator, a Sniper Rifle, is the best weapon for you. It offers long-range shooting and precision. If you are new to Valorant, the Sniper Rifle may be a bit out of your league as it goes for 4,500 credits. It requires some skill and knowledge to maximize the benefits of the Operator. Players who choose to go with the Operator should be aware that it does not do well with short- or close-range shots. Who would benefit from this weapon? The Operator is recommended for those in the higher ranks, such as Valorant, Immortal, or Diamond.


New to Valorant? The Ghost pistol would be a suitable weapon for the starter player. It is not only ideal for any budget, but they are easy to fire as well. The Ghost is an excellent gun for those short and mid-range shots. The one downfall of the Ghost is that when you do multiple shots in a row, the accuracy diminishes until you stop and then refocus.


Are you looking for a gun that does consecutive shots? Consider the assault rifle, Vandal. This is Valorant's equivalent to the AK-47. The Vandal is one of the few weapons on Valorant that features a recoil system. If you don't have perfect aim, maybe you are in the middle of the ranks – this is a suitable weapon. Why? You don't have to have precise aim to use the Vandal.


When looking for a weapon to use on Valorant, consider the type of player and character you are. Are you a sniper? Are you the defense? Or, maybe you prefer to be up close and personal? Whichever the player preference, there is an array of weapons to choose from in Valorant. The one thing to consider is your skill, preference, and style. Since Valorant is a team game, picking a weapon that is going to benefit your group's mission and dynamic is recommended. The last things you want are all close-range guns and no snipers or rifles.