Best Players in Valorant

Since there is now some competition in Valorant, released by Riot, we’re now seeing who some of the best players are throughout the world.


When ranked mode came out, it was nothing but a full success. Players eagerly started playing to show off their skills. Plus, it allowed them to compete with others. Since there is an objective measurement to determine rank, it’s easier to see how the best players in Valorant are. Of course, you’ve also got a variety of tournaments that happen all the time. This also gives a clear indication of the most skilled players.




TenZ is a former CS:GO player, and he was first to reach the Valorant (now called Radiant) rank in the US. He’s a popular Twitch streamer and has more than 90 thousand followers. Therefore, news quickly spread that he had reached the topmost rank before any others, along with his Agents Sage and Jett.


Of course, he competed with others early on in the closed beta game to reach that higher rank. Still, he is an excellent player, and we can’t wait to see what he does in the future.




ShahZaM was also a CS:GO player and switched to Valorant early on. He’s been showing a lot of performance. His agents are primarily Sage, Breach, and Jett. This player also has a strong grasp of the abilities and using each one effectively. He’s part of the Sentinel team, so we’re sure he’s going to be at many events.




Hiko was deep into the CS:GO game for more than 10 years. He prefers solo site play, lurking, and clutch plays. He plays extremely well under pressure. In fact, he can make a clutch 1V4 play, which no one ever sees coming. This player tends to use Agent Breach a lot, and he is one of the best players in Valorant right now.




EliGE plays CS:GO with Team Liquid. Consistently, he has placed at the top of any tournament in which he enters. His most recent competition was for Valorant at the T1 Nerd Street Gamers Invite. Here, he showed significant skills throughout each match. Though his team, Team Brax, came in at second place, he is looked at as the MVP for this event. He always plays Agent Breach, and he consistently displays the best Valorant skills.


Of course, this is just a shortlist of all the best players in Valorant. This game took off and is becoming highly popular. With practice, you could be one of the best and praised for it.

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