Best LoL Champion for Beginners

Sorry to state the obvious, but League of Legends is massive. Like, MASSIVE. There are over 130 playable legends for you to choose from, and even more items and equipment to customize builds, playstyles, and stats to the way you like them. 


The expansive nature provides a bit of a problem for newer players trying to get into the game. LoL is one of the less accessible Esports titles out there, and that is due to, in part, this difficulty in selecting and learning characters. 


However, there is one champion that has been specifically designed by the Riot bigwigs to help newbies integrate into the League of Legends world easier, with an ability kit that offer easy access, and a playstyle that is much more pick up and go than other champions. 




Garen is a well accessible champion for those looking to dip their toes in the League of Legends waters. He is got some serious naturally defensive capabilities, as well as an ability that gives him bonus defense and a passive that allows him to regen health faster than usual. 


He does also have some decent offensive capabilities, though, especially if you spec him out for it, and put in a bit of practice with his abilities. This balance between offense and defense is what makes Garen such a go-to recommendation for newer players. 


His Q is decisive strike. When you use this, Garen is going to just give the enemy in front of you a massive whack with his sword. The attack does decent damage, but more importantly, it also silences those hit, which means that they can’t cast spells or use abilities for a few seconds, giving you a massive advantage. It also removes any slows that Garen is affected by, speeding him up if needs be. 


Courage is his W ability. When active, Garen gains magic, resist and armor every time he kills a unit. This buff is the equivalent of around 600 gold worth of defensive items, making it incredibly valuable. It reduces incoming damage and allows Garen to stay up on the battlefield for much longer than usual. 


His E ability is judgment. This is an AoE ability that is useful for dueling, or for wiping out large groups of minions quickly. It is a spin attack, so Garen spins in circles several times with his sword, essentially turning into a really big, and really sharp, Beyblade. 


Demacian Justice is Garen’s R ability. This ultimate is what is known as an execute. That means that it is designed to finish off fights in one fell swoop rather than dealing a big bulk of damage. To this end, the ability involves Garen dropping a massive sword on his target. The sword does more damage the more health the enemy is missing, which is what makes it an execute ability. 


All of this put together allows players to pick up Garen fairly easily and only need a little bit of practice to get some real value out of his kit. So if you’re in the market for your first LoL champion, consider giving him a spin. Get it? Cause his E ability is a spin? Never mind.