2015 MMR Punishments

Riot has just announced the detailed punishments for players who participated in MMR ELO boosting. In the article I will reflect on the flippancy of the declaration which I found fun and entertaining to read. First of all if you are not playing on the North American server you might find this boring as the official Riot statement only affect the NA players. now the statement's first part is about how the Riot team dedicated itself and the way how these guys put extra effort into the ELO boost detection system. There is no exact information how the system can work and from this point we can consider it as a lie. I am confident to say this since I have examined the connection between Riot and the way they try to fight the ELO boost industry. Every year they put out an announcement how they gonna fight and punish ELO boost this year. They do this trying to prove that they have full authority over their game. We can clearly see that they failed at that. Purchasing ELO boost from BoostRoyal or from any other professional ELO boost provider who got some credibility will make no harm to the user's account as it is impossible to trace someone's account for ELO boost activities. The professional sites all use VPN protection services making sure the safeness of ELO boost. In the announcement the next part is about the punishment types that the user can get for ELO boost activities which are total nonsense if we take into consideration the next and the funniest part of it. Under the article there is the most up-voted question from a user that we must examine closely. As a simple-minded player he raises the question: How will the system know that an account is being ELO boosted? There replies from the Riot admins are hilarious. Here is my favourite one from Riot Cluvie: I think that going into detail here would reveal a little too much information behind our detection method. That being said, we go through extensive audits to ensure accuracy and look at a variety of factors, not just one or two things.
Another interesting reply came from DrCyanide who tells that the system detects different players on the account by their in-game habits such as Flash on D or F, Locked Camera vs Unlocked for example. He also says that because of these factors the system is also capable of creating a virtual fingerprint which makes it possible to detect ELO boosters. The funny thing with all this is if I start to play with Flash on D instead on F and put full focus into my game and I cannot stop until gold I from bronze as it happened to me once in the early years of the game I will get banned for it? The blog sport makes total non-sense I can tell from experience . There is a blog spot every year from Riot to scare away ELO boosters but there is nothing else that they can do against it.

Here is the link if you have not seen it yet: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/jQLiEW6h-mmr-boosting-punishments-for-the-2015-season .