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Heyy im lipgod! Usually I play as a jungler and adcarry but i can play everything that u want Feel free to assign an order - this is my fulltime job Im always ready :).
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booster rating 4.94
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Hecarim54 10.02 6.31 9.91 3.16 111.02 / game 77.78%
Karthus54 11.48 7.52 10.67 2.95 204.24 / game 61.11%
Sylas29 10.34 7.45 8.62 2.55 135.83 / game 75.86%
Lillia21 11.05 4.62 10.57 4.68 178.24 / game 80.95%
Senna14 5.71 6.79 13.43 2.82 23.86 / game 78.57%
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€45 / h
2 Hour(s)
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Genuine customer feedbacks about LIPGOD
Nov 10, 2022
2 Placement matches Gold IV
Great and
Great and very fast booster
Nov 10, 2022
3 Placement matches Gold IV
He was
He was a great booster and very chill, he carried hard, won all the games, and followed all the little details I asked for.
Nov 9, 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
Very nice
Very nice guy. He played with me although we had 2 hours time difference.
Nov 6, 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
very cool
very cool
Nov 5, 2022
10 Placement matches Silver III
The Booster
The Booster was Awesome like a Big Cherry on the Cake but the Support and the Waitingtime was like the shit out of a Ant....
Nov 3, 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Very nice
Very nice
Nov 1, 2022
Bronze I to Gold IV
Booster was
Booster was fast, friendly, and offered advice and helped with decision-making during the games. The entire duo queuing process was relaxed and enjoyable, and I was kept in the loop when they needed to go AFK or take a break.
Feb 7, 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
He was
He was very nice and gave me tipps for free! Will think about Coaching with him/her
Feb 2, 2022
9 Placement matches Platinum III
Good player
Good player and friendly
Jan 28, 2022
5 Normal games
Always fun
Always fun and win :)
Jan 24, 2022
Silver II to Gold II
very kind
very kind and quick
Jan 21, 2022
Silver IV to Gold IV
Very professional
Very professional and easy to work with had a great attitude and was super nice <3
Jan 18, 2022
6 Placement matches Gold II
Good booster ?
Good booster ?
Jan 15, 2022
10 Placement matches Silver I
was very
was very chill and we did win most of our games couldn't have asked for anything better
Dec 21, 2021
Tier 2 to Tier 7
most friendly
most friendly ever!
Dec 17, 2021
6 Normal games
Fun and fast!
Fun and fast!
Dec 4, 2021
10 Placement matches Unranked
Good Work!
Good Work!
Aug 30, 2021
Bronze I to Gold IV
He's really
He's really friendly and completed my order very fast.
Aug 20, 2021
10 Placement matches Gold III
Smashed out
Smashed out 10 games in a few hours and was great to talk to about each game. Great service.
Aug 17, 2021
Gold I to Platinum IV
Top booster
Top booster
Aug 14, 2021
5 Normal games
Quick games
Quick games & finish :D
Aug 12, 2021
2 wins in Silver III
Very fast
Very fast and good guy if u wan biggest order i recomended
Jul 2, 2021
Diamond IV to Diamond III
On fireeee
On fireeee
Jun 29, 2021
1 wins in Gold I
Awesomee player
Awesomee player and very kind :)