Insights from Riot: Does "Loser's Queue" Exist in League of Legends?

The concept of a "loser's queue" in League of Legends has been a topic of heated debate within the gaming community. Players frustrated with losing streaks often speculate that the game's matchmaking system intentionally pairs them with underperforming teammates. However, Riot's Lead Gameplay Designer, Matt Leung-Harrison, recently addressed these concerns, offering a clear explanation and debunking the myth of a "loser's queue."

Riot's Stance on Matchmaking

Leung-Harrison firmly stated that a "loser's queue" does not exist within League of Legends. The matchmaking system does not intentionally assign players to teams expected to lose. Instead, matches are made based on players' ratings, aiming for balanced and fair gameplay. If a player experiences a losing streak, it's attributed to facing better opponents, not a flawed matchmaking system.

Improvement and Self-Reflection

The Lead Gameplay Designer emphasized the importance of self-improvement and reflection. He pointed out that even in games where players feel they performed flawlessly, there are likely numerous missed opportunities and mistakes that could have altered the game's outcome. Leung-Harrison encourages players to adopt a growth mindset, focusing on their gameplay and seeking advice from experienced coaches or reputable community members.

Attitude and Strategy

A positive attitude and strategic gameplay significantly impact a player's success in League of Legends. Leung-Harrison highlighted that maintaining a non-defeatist attitude and playing strategically according to the team's win conditions are crucial. He also noted common areas where many players could improve, such as managing aggression with a lead, reviewing and learning from deaths, and prioritizing resources effectively.

Community Response and the Psychology of Gaming

Despite Riot's clarification, many players continue to believe in the existence of a "loser's queue," citing personal experiences and patterns in their matches. This belief is partly rooted in the psychology of gaming, where varied success, including winning and losing streaks, is thought to keep players engaged. However, Leung-Harrison argues that consistently alternating between perceived "winners" and "losers" queues would be counterproductive and not in the company's interest.


Riot Games' response to the "loser's queue" myth underscores their commitment to fair play and transparency in League of Legends' matchmaking system. By focusing on personal growth, strategic play, and maintaining a positive mindset, players can overcome challenges and improve their in-game performance. The myth of a "loser's queue" serves as a reminder of the complexities of game design and the importance of player perception in the competitive gaming landscape.