Has LPL Become the Best LoL Region?

After several years of the LCK dominating the professional League of Legends tournaments, the LPL came to put that era to an end. Has the LPL become the best LoL Region? That’s a difficult thing to answer. There are many things to consider when deciding which one is the best. 


If you want to measure the overall skill level of a region or championship, you have to analyze the teams that are part of it. All regions have powerful teams that could take out many other players from Worlds.


Regardless of that, the LPL game style has proved itself to be one of the most effective strategies you can adopt for your matches. The Chinese macro-game is impeccable. That’s the reason they always excel at professional levels of gameplay. However, is that enough to take over the LCK? 


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Are the LPL Teams that Good? 


They are undoubtedly some of the best teams in professional LoL history. How these players play this game makes you think how fast you can think while playing such a stressful game as LoL can be. 


Starting with FPX, you can see the quality of the players in this region. Doinb, the FPX mid lanner, is considered the best professional LoL player in 2021. Apart from that, this team already won a Worlds championship before. 


FPX is not the only team with marvelous players, though. Royal Never Give Up (RNG) showed how difficult playing against an LPL team can be in the 2021 MSI. With players such as Xiaoxu and GALA, the team can take more risks and try more mechanical plays. They make it look easy.


Now, we have the former LPL champions: EDG Gaming. This team managed to win the finals against FPX in a more than tense best of five series. The MVPs of this team are without a doubt Scouter and Viper. This team’s ADC arguably had one of the best games in his career while playing against FPX. 


Is It Better than the LCK?


When asked what the best LoL region was, everyone pointed to the LCK. This league had the three-times Worlds winner SKT 1 with the Unkillable Demon King Faker, which is the best LoL player in the history of professional LoL. 


Regardless of that, with the downfall of T1, the overall level of the LCK went down, too. LPL teams took advantage of that and managed to win against most LCK teams in international tournaments. 


Everyone thought the LCK was over until Damwon Gaming won Worlds 2020. After that, LCK fans regained hope in that region. However, celebrations came to an end for the LCK when RNG won the MSI finals against Damwon Gaming. 


Bottom Line -Is the LPL the Best LoL Region?


The short answer is ‘yes’. You could say the LPL is now the best LoL region. Even after Damwon won Worlds, the LPL teams quickly prepared for the MSI and made sure to win over them. LPL teams are objectively better than the LCK’s, which makes it difficult for other teams to face the LPL in upcoming tournaments.