EG Beats MAD Lions at Worlds 2022

EG Beats MAD Lions at Worlds 2022

MAD Lions qualified for Worlds 2022 despite never having won a Best of 5 sets. In their opportunity to prove themselves against Evil Geniuses, MAD struggled and lost the set without taking a victory. The MAD Lions were the LEC's best team in 2021. They consistently outperformed the two top European teams, Fnatic and G2. Also, they lost Humanoid to Fnatic in 2022 and Carzzy to Vitality.

It has been challenging to find suitable replacements for these two players through 2022. In the Spring of 2022, MAD didn't even make it to Playoffs, but thanks to Nisqy's assistance in the Summer and their outstanding regular season play, they were able to make it to Worlds. However, they failed to take a BO5 set in the LEC.

EG Vs. MAD Game 1

Game 1 began with bot lanes trading at level one and beyond, but the first casualties occurred in the mid-lane following a fantastic Elyoya swindle. There wasn't much action early on, and in the middle of the game, EG was ahead in gold, but MAD was ahead in drakes. EG took a Baron after spotting a significant engagement near the Soul point for MAD, yet their decision allowed MAD to gain access to that Soul point.

In 2022, EG finally achieved its first victory over a LEC squad because no one was left to defend the MAD base. The issue arose when Nisqy attempted to flank EG with a TP and was unsuccessful. While MAD tried to force a Baron, EG obtained three more escape kills and the Baron, thanks to an Inspired smite.

EG Vs. MAD Game 2​​​​​​​

Elyoya scored his second first blood of the series, this time in the top lane, giving the jungle dominance once more in the early going. MAD also received the initial Herald, but EG could respond with their swindles and gain the advantage in money owing to Jojo's mid-Sett. Earlier, when the game started, EG was winning battles and in control of the goals despite MAD's best efforts to stop them.

When they began a 20-minute Baron and turned to battle, EG even found an advantage. After then, they accomplished the goal and increased their lead to more than 10k. At 24 minutes, they had enough of a lead to push for the finish while diving MAD at their Nexus towers.

EG Vs. MAD Game 3

In Game 3, the aggressive jungler impressed everyone by camping Armut in the top lane and scoring two early kills. While MAD was the side that obtained the first Herald and the early drake wasn't a goal for any team, EG controlled the early game by locating kills throughout the map. The mid-game EG map macro was superior because they consistently won the objective trades.

They then decided to launch Baron and search for conflict. Apart from this, they located the 5v5 they were hunting for, obtained a four-for-zero deal, and won the game's first Baron. As they besieged two lanes with their Baron and 10k gold lead, EG didn't want to let the game end too late. They managed to get one pick on Kaiser, sufficient for them to dive towers again and complete their sweep of the EU fourth seed.


Almost all of us were surprised that the fact that MAD reached the Worlds without winning a Best of 5 series gave them a bad attitude. MAD could not defeat Evil Geniuses and advance to the Group stage at Worlds 2022, although correcting that against Saigon Buffalo. That's all you need to know about EG beating MAD at Worlds.

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