Tarzaned - The booster

Who is Tarzaned?

Most people who make a career in League of Legends world are mostly those nice content creators, professional players or entertainers. Some however, follow a totally different path. And such path was taken by Tarzaned, famous NA booster who has reached the #1 spot on the NA ladder multiple times, that is in season 6, 7, and 8. He is mostly known for his insane mechanics in highly intensive champions such as Nidalee, and is considered to be one of the best Graves players of all time. Another inseparable part of Tarzaned is his toxicity, win trading and negative attitude to other players in general. This however doesn’t change the fact of how skilled he is, and his positions in ladder are nothing but a proof.




Toxicity, boosting, threats and did he ever reform?

You can either hate or love Tarzaned. There are many players that follow his stream and consider themselves to be his fanboys, incorporating his tactics and attitude to their own games. Others despise him and see him as a part of the plague that corrupts the ladder by abusing the system. He’s a full-time streamer, he gives coaching advices and is connected with Low Nine, AKA L9, the most toxic club known to the players which is believed to also be a boosters’ club. He’s very confident, and claims to be the jungler on the North American server. He even called Dopa and Faker

’pretty trash’ in the jungle, saying he outclasses both of them in the jungle. In 2016 he was denied an invitation due to his harsh personality and toxicity. He used to have his own ‘dodgelist’, and was paying people(20$ per game!) to int certain players he didn’t like at the time, like Tyler1. He made personal threats on his social sites, got banned multiple times in-game. His behavior has changed since then, and Tarzaned himself claims that he would like to play profesionally one day. He started his own youtube channel on which he uploads tutorials, coaching VODs, high-elo gameplays and shares his thoughts on the game in general. He even coached some pro players, and other content creators like IwillDominate or Pants are Dragon.


He’s changed, but is it enough?

It is safe to say that Tarzaned is a man of passion. There are very few people that care more about the game, but  it is worth mentioning that he also makes a living out of it. He may indeed have a very toxic history and his sins were not fully forgotten, but he somewhat reformed and have his own loyal fanbase who cheer him up, even in times when Tarzaned was crying during a stream due to getting banned on Twitch. Everybody has to answer for themselves if he is a good person and deservers forgiveness, considering how Tyler1 was once the most toxic player in the world and then somehow becoming the face of  League’s entertainers. Tarzaned to this day is an active player, content creator and one of the most controversial personas in the history of League of Legends.