League of Legends Most Powerful Hero

Karma is considered one of the best support heroes in the League of Legends game when combined with a good carry the two can take out many opponents. When Karma is alone, she can’t do much but escape and harass. You want to stack runes and level your mastery into utility for the extra cooldown reduction.

This LoL hero has five diverse abilities which include Inner Fire, this is a passive capability that boosts her capability power by a percentage based on her missing health. Heavenly Wave is her standard area of effect attack, once used with mantra it will also heal friendly targets in the area. It’s the principle capability which will deal the bulk of your damage.

Spirit Bond will slow down an opponent hero which you utilize it against while improving your movement pace, once you utilize it on a friend that both of you will move faster. It will just damage any opponents that pass through its area and not the target itself. This takes time to learn and utilize properly, but if you have enough practice and gameplay experience, then you’ll be capable of utilizing it better.

Soul Shield will provide a defensive shield for some seconds, once you utilize mantra with it, then it will deal a destructive are to any opponents nearby. With the best use of all of these talents, you would utilize Mantra + Soul Shield to give yourself a buff then you and your teammate will move against the opponent, if they start to run use Spirit Bond to hold them back and keep up with them, as you and your teammate start to get hurt use Heavenly Wave + Mantra to injure the opponent and heal the team. With the improved Health and Cooldown Reduction, you’ll be capable of spamming all of these talents with the usage of Mantra too. The health will provide you with greater survivability and also have good synergy with Inner Fire.

Karma relies greatly on cooldown reduction and health so you’ll need to build up, you’ll want to stack these two statistics to make the best use of her talents and powers. This will make her talents and abilities more spammable and at the same time very effective.

For items, you’ll need to develop and utilize any items which increase your Health, AP, as well as CDR. Items must take account of Ionina boost of the league of legends.